A mountain village and swimming around Aphrodite’s Rock

It was our last full day in Cyprus and since Limassol hadn’t been very exciting the evening before (unlike the many old stones in Paphos during the day), we headed into the mountains. The Troödos Mountains, more precisely the village of Omodos, was on the agenda for the day. Omodos is famous for its wine. I am not sure for which one especially but I liked the Commandaria. This a dark red wine, a bit sweet maybe, and it reminds me of port wine. So of course I bought a bottle. But this was not the reason why we drove to Omodos.

This picturesque village accommodates a monastery. The Timios Stavros Monastery or, for none Greek speakers, the Monastery of the Holy Cross. Neither the wine nor the monastery were the reason for our drive up the hills though. Rather a joint decision to leave the coast and see something different.

inside the monastery @Omodos

inside the church of the monastery @Omodos

And the village is beautiful and what’s even better, car-free. Which increases its charm immensely. I love it when I don’t have to look left and right for cars. Even better then that also e-scooters haven’t made their way up there so far.

After walking around the monastery and taking a peek inside the church it was time to discover the rest of the village. Up and down we went only to end up back on the main square and drink a glass of Commandaria.

the village of Omodos @Cyprus

main square @Omodos

time for Commandaria @Omodos

Driving down from the Troödos Mountains it was time to enjoy the easy life of Cyprus. Besides all its archaeological sites Cyprus is famous for its beaches. So it was high time to sample these. We started with the beach of the Aphrodite’s Rock which is close to Omodos. Apparently you stay young and beautiful forever when you swim around it three times. After trying it I assume you achieve that by drowning while still young and beautiful.

sunset at Aphrodite’s Rock @Cyprus

I decided that once around the smaller rock will have to do. And honestly, I am convinced it worked as well. Yours, Pollybert

this is not Aphrodite’s Rock but one close by @Cyprus

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