A World Heritage Site and Nissi Beach

The next day was our last one and on the way to the airport we drove out to Nissi Beach, which is all the way to the east of Cyprus. Going there we passed Choirokoitia Archaeological Site which is a Neolithic settlement. So of course we stopped, since checking out old stones was basically all we did while in Cyprus.

It’s definitely impressive. No wonder, it has over 9000 years under its belt. But I am missing the necessary imagination to really understand all these old stones. But what does it matter when you can walk around a World Heritage Site.

Word Heritage Site @Choirokoitia

The settlement was down a hill, not really sure why they wanted to live so high up. I have at least one picture where you can recognize the round houses. At the next one I can’t tell you what you should see, but it does look interesting. The scientist say there is a method behind it, for me it looked more like chaos.

round houses at the bottom of the hill @Choirokoitia

the settlement was going up the hill @Choirokoitia

how the settlement houses looked @Choirokoitia

I was glad when we drove on to Nissi Beach, probably the most beautiful beach on all of Cyprus. The beach is fully serviced and had still a couple of open restaurants and bars in November.

empty restaurant @Nissi Beach

In low tide you can walk over to the island without getting your feet wet, in high tide you can still walk over there. As you can see by the lighter stripe in front of the boats there is always a way to this small uninhabited island.

the small islet across from Nissi Beach @Cyprus

As you can see, along with many others, I made it into the water. This was by far the busiest beach we saw on our trip. But so worth it coming here. The sandy beach is amazing and the water is crystal clear. Has definitely Caribbean quality. Yours, Pollybert

Pollybert in the water @Nissi Beach

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