The doors of Cyprus

The doors of Cyprus are mostly wooden doors with lattice. And they come in all kinds of colors. nothing too bright, but colorful nonetheless. I love it when the doors express themselves through color. It gives the house character I find. Also the lattice looked really great. Usually inset but some also had lattice on top.

There is a difference between doors in a city and doors in a small village. The village doors were mostly just wooden and a lot more basic. Kind of like reduced to what it is. A door; nothing more nothing less. I am not really sure why that is. Are they cheaper without lattice? Or is it because they need something sturdier. Maybe they are both sturdy, but they do not look as light and airy as the ones with lattice. If you know anything about this, just let me know. In any case, enjoy the doors. Yours, Pollybert

matching lattice on the windows @Cyprus


a lot of glass @Cyprus

nice color @Cyprus

colored glass panels @Cyprus

a rounded silver door @Cprus

same door, different color @Cyprus

why do you even need a door? @Cyprus

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