What I learned in Cyprus

In 2019 I managed to visit a couple of new countries and Cyprus was one of them. It’s always interesting to observe what’s different in a new place. Is it the people, their mannerism or the whole country? In any case, watch and learn while you travel. When you keep an open mind there is so much more you can take away from a vacation. More than the well-deserved rest and relaxation. So this is what I learned while on Cyprus and maybe these tips are useful for you. Yours, Pollybert

1.) There is a constant odeur of either small or large animal in the air. Possibly dead. This was especially harsh at the airport. Sometimes it only smelled of the sea. What a boon.

2.) Always ask for a second blanket when you share a double bed with a friend. Especially when said friend is not your partner.

3.) The police is actually honking at you when you drive at speed limit.

4.) The recommended restaurant in Nicosia called Zanettos is overpriced and the food was underwhelming at best. Therefore don’t go there. It’s a waste of money especially since the food in general is pretty amazing on the island. And if you think you must, because everybody else writes it is wonderful, then do yourself a favour and order the vegetarian version. The meat was tough and hard.

boring food except for the salad @Zanettos

5.) The Turkish part is greener and was actually better looking. Can’t say anything regarding the food though, I only had a beer in Kyrenia.

6.) Carob syrup is an acquired taste and needs more testing. The salad I tasted with carob on top was too sweet for my palate.

7.) Pastries from the bakery are so huge that they need to be shared.

8.) I saw my first 9th millenium BC housing ever here on Cyprus.

9.) Rain gutters end with a slight upturn. Not sure what exactly this is for, but I am sure water comes out like from a sprout.

rain gutter @Nicosia

10.) In the Turkish part of Cyprus coffee is served with water on the side

11.) All taxi drivers, official ones and online services, cheat in Cyprus. The lies they tell were amazing. Almost funny if it wouldn’t be so outrageous. But also they are (mostly) not angry when you call them out on it.

12.) Splurge for a guide if you have the money when you visit historical sights. If he is doing his job well he can make it all come alive. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of old stones.

Kourion Archaeological Site @Cyprus

13.) Girl trips are the best trips.

selfie @Kourion Archaeological Site

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