Breakfast at Adlerhof

The Adlerhof has since its opening a couple of weeks ago a very strong online presence. No wonder, the place is beautiful and very instagramable as can be seen below. I took the picture weeks ago when I went for drinks there.

Instagram spot @Adlerhof

The name Adlerhof itself comes from the building. The Adlerhof has been built in 1874 and connects to streets with each other. Look at these inner courtyards. If you find the time, it’s beautiful to explore.

inner courtyards @Adlerhof

But let’s get on with the breakfast. When I was there the first time the restaurant, which wants to be a neighbourhood place, was still in its soft-opening phase. Everything worked smoothly though, the service was super friendly, and the drinks perfect. When it comes to my breakfast experience though, I have to say it was a bit disappointing.

The Adlerhof offers four breakfast combinations, which all sound rather big, and various other dishes. I settled on my usual Eggs Benedict which come here in a basic version with optional graved lax, ham, or spinach as add-on. I decided to try the ham this time. Very classic. The eggs come on a muffin and of course I was expecting your typical English muffin.

Unfortunately what came out of the kitchen had more to do with an overgrown pancake than a muffin. The bread was doughy and not in the least toasted. The consistency was like a wet sponge and not at all to my liking. The same goes actually for the sauce as well. While it was definitely self-made there was way too much lemon in it. This was rather a sour experience.

Eggs Benedict @Adlerhof

My friend didn’t fare better. He ordered a grilled ham and cheese breakfast. The bread was actually a French toast filled with the aforementioned ham and cheese. Plus it had some icing sugar on top. He let me try a bite and the problem was not so much the sugar the French toast. The brioche – grilled cheese version just didn’t work for me. But of course for other people it might just be the sugar on top of your savoury breakfast.

French toast with ham and cheese @Adlerhof

The service felt a bit stressed on the Saturday morning even though the site wasn’t completely full. There is a no-reservation policy in place until 11am and it works. It was no problem at all to get a table at 9am, and the place only got slightly fuller an hour later when we left.

So even though I really enjoyed my drinks at my first visit, I was mightily disappointed the next time. I will probably give it another try, but not so soon. The kitchen and the service need some time to adjust and I need to forget. Yours, Pollybert

1070 Wien, Burggasse 51
Tel: +43 1 5224905
Mon-Sat: 06:30-02:00, Sun: 08:00-24:00

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