A short walk through the Dorotheer Wald

Quarantine and self isolation has kept us all at home for weeks. And while doing so Austria managed to bring the virus under control. So now we can leave the house again and go about our life mostly unconcerned. Since traveling is still out of the question, I am now concentrating on the city I live. So the other weekend I went for a walk in the Dorotheer Wald.

This forest, the so called Dorotheer Wald, is in the 18th and 17th district of Vienna, with a second one with the same name in the 13th district. I am not really sure why we have two forests of the same name, but whatever. The name Dorotheer Wald comes from a monastery with the same name to which these woods belonged. During the time of Joseph II. the monastery got dissolved, as so many others which were not productive, but the forest remained.

Dorotheer Wald @Wien

Really too bad that the Dorotheer Church and the monastery got desecrated, the church was supposed to be one the most beautiful in the 18th century in all of Vienna. At least it had four good centuries. In any case, this long history of the forest makes for an interesting story when you go for a walk. My friend and travel companion Sylvia did herself proud and recited the history for us. Never a bored moment when you go trekking with her. We really have come a long way since our first trek where she needed all the air to just breathe.

My favorite part of this excursion was of course the promised picnic. Such a lovely idea to spend time together without getting too close to each other.

picnic with physical distance @Dorotheer Wald

the buffet area @Dorotheer Wald

We also found some old landmarks from the 18th century. Some bear the marks of today, but others still stand proud. We also passed a water tower (more on the architect), something I have never noticed so far. The all-knowing Sylvia informed us that its use lies in pressure balance and storage. So thanks for a well-rounded Sunday afternoon activity. In times like these I am happy for any reason to get out of the house. Yours, Pollybert

landmark @Dorotheer Wald

water tower @Dorotheer Wald

landmark with a mark of today @Dorotheer Wald


  1. Sigh, when I think of all the trips we already made all around the world … but we will do it again 🤗
    Thank you for the compliments 😘 and the buffet did not taste like the garbage disposal site 😂😉

    • I’m really looking forward to us traveling again. And did I mention anything about a garbage disposal site ;)

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