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Even though restaurants and shops are open again, takeout is ever more popular. After weeks of being at home and constant cooking, takeout has taken on a new meaning. Suddenly getting a meal from somewhere else was like an adventure. I was happy then when a new Italian place near me offered takeout. Allegro really didn’t get lucky by opening maybe a month before the pandemic restrictions were upon us.

Of course when I heard that there was a new place to try I was all for it. So at least I had the chance to go for drinks before we shut down completely. The Campari spritz was delicious and the olives which came it as well.

dining room @Allegro

So far I managed twice to get some takeout. The first time was on a Friday. Since we have a long Catholic tradition in this country, the favorite dish for Friday is fish. I therefore ordered the pike perch with oven roasted vegetables. The food comes in a glass container for which you pay a small deposit.

I had my lunch that day on the balcony. The table is set for my meal with the usual companion of my e-reader whenever I eat alone. The presentation of the food is all my own creation.

setting the table for lunch @Allegro

pike perch with oven roasted vegetables @Allegro

The glass contained two big pieces of filet and lot of mixed vegetables including zucchini, tomatoes, olives and herbs. It was very tasty and light. I am not sure why I didn’t boil any potatoes with it, but the container was a big enough meal. With a side dish maybe even enough for two.

The second dish I bought on the spur of the moment. While picking up the fish I took a look at what else was on offer and decided to try the lasagna. Not something I usually make for myself. Now the lasagna managed to come to the office with me. I heated it within the glass container and also ate out of it. No need to put it in a plate when it already looks enticing in the serving dish.

lasagna in the office @Allegro

the lasagna is ready to eat @Allegro

The portion was big enough and overall a good mix of meat and white sauce. My only complain here was a lack of seasoning. At least for my taste buds it lacked a bit of salt. Overall what a nice change from the daily cooking grind. I will be happy to try some more at Allegro, for takeout or in the restaurant. Yours, Pollybert

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