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Besides all the negative stuff surrounding this pandemic, there is one silver lining. Eating great food. Gut Purbach and its chef, Max Stiegl, managed to come out ahead. At least for me. So far I have never made it to the restaurant, which is about an hour from Vienna. But when the order service started, I was right there, getting in line, giving it a go.

my bounty @Gut Purbach

Not all of this was for me, we managed a combined order in the office. Which makes a lot of sense since there is a delivery fee. On the other hand there is no deposit for the glassware.

I started my culinary road with the beef goulash. Usually you eat a bread roll with it, something I am not fond of. So I cooked some potatoes, my staple side order. You can’t go wrong with that.

beef goulash @Gut Purbach

The goulash was tasty, with the perfect seasoning and lovely meat. The meat was so tender, it had melt in your mouth quality. What a great surprise.

Next up I had Krautfleisch, which is sauerkraut with pork. Also a dish I never cook at home, but love to eat from time to time. And again I had boiled potatoes with it. I am not really sure actually if you do eat that with potatoes at all, but I am rather pleased with myself to get two meals out of one glass container with the adding of a side dish. The Krautfleisch was another winner with a nice acidic touch from the sauerkraut. The meat was again tender and overall impression was one of perfect preparation.

Krautfleisch @Gut Purbach

And last but not least I ordered the Rindsroulade, a rolled-up slice of beef filled ham and carrots. I ate that one at home again on my balcony. And this time I made parsley potatoes with it. As you can see I needed a bit of variety.

This is another Austrian staple dish which I never would cook at home. Way too much work but so nice to eat. I loved the julienne root vegetables in the sauce, which had a bit of red wine in it. Mashing the potatoes in it brings back childhood memories. What can I say, the meat was perfect again, tender and well seasoned.

Rindsroulade @Gut Purbach

Please note that all portions are enough for two meals if you care to prepare a side dish. I ordered in the morning and the goods arrived some time in the afternoon. Carefully wrapped and with contactless delivery. The webshop is still online, despite the opening of the restaurants.

In case you might not make it to the Burgenland, you can still bring it home to you. I for one, when all is well again, will try to eat at Gut Purbach. Maybe even stay a night. Until then I will keep on ordering. Yours, Pollybert

Gut Purbach
7083 Purbach, Hauptgasse 64
Tel: +43 2683 56086
Mon: 18:00-21:00, Thu-Sat: 12:00-14:00h and 18:00-21:00, Sun: 12:00-18:00

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