Walking through the old town of Stockholm

As usual, when in a city which I don’t really know, we started our discovery with a free walking tour of Stockholm. The meeting point for the tour was at steps of Sergels Torg. Easy to find and right around the corner from our hotel. So after crossing one of the may bridges of Stockholm we arrived on Gamla Stan (old town; I really do appreciate my Norwegian skills in this instance). This is a little island, one of the many of Stockholm, which houses the Royal Palace.

crossing the bridge to Gamla Stan @Stockholm

First off we passed the palace though before moving on to the smallest sculpture in Stockholm. The palace is huge and it takes a while to get around it. Since Sweden still has a monarchy, the family still lives in the palace and it’s not only a tourist site. A shame that we didn’t tour the rooms though. At least we saw the guard marching through the streets.

Royal Palace @Stockholm

the palace from the other side @Stockhom

the Royal guard @Stockholm

After that it was more walking through narrow lanes and explanations what the iron lengths on the outside of houses meant. The less fancy they look, the older the houses are. And they basically keep the house together.

walking through the old town @Stockholm

narrow lanes with cobblestones @Stockholm

Eventually one arrives at Stortorget, a square with colorful housing facades. Everyone knows this picture of Stockholm.

Stortorget @Stockholm

Don’t miss Storkyrkan while on Gamla Stan. The Great Church has a statue of George and the Dragon and also has a boat hanging from the ceiling.

inside the Storkyrkan @Stockholm

George and the Dragon @Storkyrkan

not sure what the ship is doing inside the Storkyrkan @Stockholm

I also enjoyed the courtyard of the chancery. This round building fascinated me. And it has a naked woman inside the fountain pool.

Courtyard of the chancery @Stockholm

You really need to take your time with Gamla Stan. The walking tour was definitely not enough for us. We strolled around the cobbled streets a lot more in the afternoon and went inside the Storkyrkan (Great Church) as well as the Royal Chapel. Yours, Pollybert

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