Breakfast at Propeller Wien

Writing about going for breakfast, while sitting at home in self isolation, is pretty hard. But on the other hand, don’t we all want something to look forward to? So Propeller Wien popped up on my radar and I actually went there twice within a week. Why did I go there twice? Because the place has something, a certain chic and coolness while still feeling homey. Maybe it’s the old coffee house chairs?

dining room @Propeller

The first time I visited I ate black pudding the Austrian way. And while this is not a typical breakfast dish at all, I love to eat it. It was quite tasty but not in such a way that I want to re-order it. The horseradish cream underneath lacked the typical bite of the horseradish, especially since the potatoes were rather bland and too much of them on the plate, while the pickled onions lacked acidity. This needs to be tweaked a bit, because the combination has the potential for a winner.

the Austrian version of black pudding @Propeller

The other breakfast was a buttered bread with chive and a soft-boiled egg. You can’t go wrong with this staple breakfast dish in Vienna. But since this is not a lot, a croissant had to complete the meal. It came with butter and jam. Both dishes looked delicious and also tasted so.

bread with chive and egg @Propeller

croissant with jam @Propeller

The third person ate Eggs Benedict that’s why I didn’t order them that first time. She really liked them and looking at them now I can see why. There was a lot of sauce.

the Eggs Benedict from our first visit @Propeller

The next time I was there, which was in fact the last Saturday before everything closed, I ordered them myself. They are after all my favourite dish. The eggs came on a slice of bread, with home-made sauce. I really liked the eggs, they were poached and the sauce was delicious. Looking at the pictures you can see that the sauce looks different. It was a bit thicker the second time around and less generously applied. My only problem was the bread, which was way too toasted and therefore hard to cut. But the overall taste of the eggs was excellent.

Eggs Benedict @Propeller

Another winner was the fritatta with goat cheese, peas and spinach as well as a small salad bouquet. It was fluffy and well seasoned.

fritatta with goat cheese @Propeller

I loved my visits to Propeller Wien, they have really quick and attentive service. Plus the food was great and the coffee tasty. Definitely I a place I will revisit once restaurants are open again. Yours, Pollybert


Propeller Wien
1050 Wien, Krongasse 22/1
Tel: +43 1 9922127
Tue-Thu: 09:00-24:00, Fri-Sat: 09:00-02:00, Sun:09:00-17:00

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