The Servitenviertel is such a quaint neighborhood area that one feels less like in a big city but rather in a small village. This feeling stems from the one lane which gives the area its name and the people who frequent it. The main draw is the church around which locals gather to meet and the restaurants surrounding it. The Servitenwirt is right next to said church and its large seating area outside faces the church. It’s a wonderful place in the shade with a hint of seclusion. The large old trees provide a natural leave canopy which brings much needed coolness in summer.

the Servitenkirche next door to the restaurant @Wien

On a recent Sunday we met there for lunch and it might have been a tad too cool to sit outside. But who wants to be indoors when you have a smoker joining and a pandemic going on? The menu was still reduced, it was only two days since the re-opening after all. To simplify matters we all ordered the same dish, so I can’t say too much about the kitchen.

We got an amuse gueule though with two kinds of bread, butter and liver pâté. Both breads were delicious. I especially loved the one with pork roast bits in it which had an amazing crust. It tasted lovely with the butter. The liver pâté was also a treat and worked well with the white bread.

two kinds of bread with butter an liver paté @Servitenwirt

Thus happily provided for, we bridged the time gap until the main course. After two months of shut down, it was all a bit rusty. The kitchen came through though. The ordered veal filet comes with poached, spinach, potato croquettes, and lentils. It doesn’t look like much when it comes to its colors but was there taste-wise. My friend would have loved the filet to be a bit more pink, while I thought the veal juicy and tender.

veal filet with lentils @Servitenwirt

Everything else was perfect, a generous portion of meat and interesting side dishes. It’s just the colors which don’t work well here. But honestly after eight weeks at home I was more than happy to sit down for a meal somewhere else. Definitely a place which will see me again. I really want to know how this place works under normal circumstances. Yours, Pollybert


1090 Wien, Servitengasse 7
Tel: +43 1 315 2387
Mon-Sun: 10:00-24:00

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