Walking around Djurgården

Djurgården is a centrally located island in Stockholm. It has a couple of historic sites, lots of museums, and of course the Royal garden. The place really invites you to enjoy the different shades of green but also to get a closer look at history. Walking along the water will take you to Djurgårdstaden.

a walk along the water @Stockholm

Djurgårdstaden is a historic quarter which was established sometime in the 17th century. At first it held a hospital and 14 small wooden apartments for seamen. None of these buildings exist anymore.

What you can see today is from the 18th century. These wooden houses were the homes of workers from the nearby wharf and the tar pitch factory on Beckholmen (another island). Today families still live here and it the area has a rather idyllic atmosphere. It might get loud though from the next door amusement park.

Djurgårdstaden @Stockholm

small alley in Djurgårdstaden@Stockholm

no cars in Djurgårdstaden @Stockholm

From there it is another short walk to Rosendals Garden Café (or Rosendals Trädgård). This garden with its many greenhouses is just wonderful. In midst the Royal garden you suddenly have this café and so many flowers that you don’t know where to look first. I was so overcome by all the available tulip varieties that I had to buy some and gift them to my neighbor.

Rosendals Trädgård @Stockholm

In fall it’s the right time to buy bulbs so that in spring you can see your garden in bloom. The Rosendals garden though was full of aster against a very dark sky.

aster in bloom @Stockholm

On the way back to the hotel we passed again by the water. Actually wherever you walk there is some water. Not without reason is Stockholm called the Venice of the North. In any case, don’t forget to turn around. And take a last look on Djurgården. It’s a beautiful island. Yours, Pollybert

looking back on Djurgården @Stockholm

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