Oaxen Slip

A new day meant a new restaurant to explore. For our second day in Stockholm we had booked the Oaxen Slip. It is on the island of Djurgården, near various museum and the actual Kungliga Djurgården. I loved already the look of it, right next to the water, large windows to let the light in, and lots of boats hanging from the ceiling.

dining room @Oaxen Slip

We had booked a place at the community table, but at that late lunch hour just one small group shared the meal with us. The menu here is meant to be shared and you order á la carte. since my fellow diner is leaning towards vegetables, most of the dishes ordered are vegetarian.

The moment we sat down we got some water and once we had ordered our food, a basket of bread and butter appeared.

bread and butter @Oaxen Slip

We started with a bowl of crisps, served with sour cream and onions, and almond ricotta with marinated beans and ramson capers. Both dishes were excellent starter snacks

crisps and almond ricotta with marinated beans @Oaxen Slip

We ordered quite a lot of dishes, we were famished after all. We got the grilled pea bread with smoked and sun-dried tomatoes and Swedish buffalo mozzarella. As well as the vegetarian side dish, the be roasted cauliflower with brown butter mayonnaise and roasted cheese. Both dishes packed a lot of flavor and were more than enough already.

vegetarian side dish @Oaxen slip

grilled pea bread @Oaxen Slip

But of course, ordering hungry always means a lot of food. So I also got the herring with brown butter, warm potato salad, chopped egg, and pickled yellow beetroot. I asked for the herring on the side so that my friend could share the dish with me. The herring by the way was fantastic, as was the accompanying salad.

herring with warm potato salad @Oaxen Slip

The fish of the day made it to our table as well. Probably pike perch or so with fennel concassé. I loved each and every bite of the fish with fresh vegetables on top.

fish of the day with fennel @Oaxen Slip

This might look like a lot but we even managed a desert, or rather I did. It was a delectable affair of some kind of trifle with blueberries and a lot of whipped cream and some ice cream on top. All very light and easy. A worthy end to this wonderful meal.

desert with blueberries @Oaxen Slip

If you are in the area then Oaxen Slip should be on your restaurant list. It has such a relaxed vibe that when we left, we both had a smile on our face. Wonderful, simple fare but prepared with perfection. Yours, Pollybert

Oaxen Slip
115 21 Stockholm, Beckholmsvägen 26
Tel: +46(0)8 551 531 05
Email: info@oaxen.com
Mon-Fri: 11:30-23:00, Sat-Sun: 12:00-23:00

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