Which museum to visit in Stockholm

First and foremost, if you only visit one museum in Stockholm, it you need to see the Vasa museum. The Vasa sank on her maiden voyage, within sight from the harbor. It is therefore the only preserved 17th century ship. If you want to know why it sank, go and see the exhibition. But incompetence might have had something to do with it. Even if you are not into ships, this is a work of art with its many carved sculptures. It makes sense to book the tickets for this museum in advance. It really is busy.

the Vasa ship @Stockholm

a detailed look on the carved sculptures @Stockholm

Also on Djurgården is the Viking museum. I love historic stuff and have read my share about Viking history. The museum caters more to the younger and uninformed crowd. It is kind of fun but to be honest there was not so much new to be learned. In the end it was entertaining though, and children will love the adventure ride.

entrance to the Viking museum @Stockholm

what you see on the adventure ride @Viking museum

Last but not least, we booked a tour at the City Hall of Stockholm. Be prepared for a short wait to get on the tour. You can’t walk around alone and I don’t think you can pre-book tickets. And it’s so worth it to wait. Explore the court yard and take a look out onto the ever present sea.

city hall @Stockholm

looking out from the court yard of City Hall @Stockholm

Once inside the great hall is magnificent and so impressive. Here the Nobel Price dinners happen. Not that I will ever be a part of that, but walking through these hallowed halls is kind of amazing. Not that I have a picture from it though. At least I got a good one of the Gold Hall which lies above the Great Hall. I can’t remember if it is paint or gold leaf.

the golden hall in the city Hall @Stockholm

In any case it does look very rich and deeply golden. And one last look from the Golden Hall into the Great Hall. Yours, Pollybert

looking into the Great Hall @Stockholm

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