The doors of Stockholm

The doors of Stockholm are foremost imposing. Dark and dependable in their stronghold to keep the cold out. Which is necessary because already in September it was quite fresh in the evening. Probably just for us, but never mind, the doors look sturdy enough to keep the warmth inside. Most of them are wooden doors with maybe a bit of glass feature.

They do look interesting, most of them have some kind of ornament. Actually some of them look downright opulent. And a lot of them have really interesting portals. I like them best when they have a little crown on top. So please enjoy the doors of Stockholm. Yours, Pollybert

God is looking down @Stockholm

look at the figures on top of the portal @Stockholm

are these grapes on top? @Stockholm

that looks very imposing @Stockholm

there is a little crown on top @Stockholm

a rather Egyptian looking door @Stockholm

I like the entrance area @Stockholm

Art Noveau door @Stockholm

Let me know what you think

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