What I learned in Stockholm

Stockholm is a very green city and you are always close to the water. No wonder though, this city consists of some 30k islands of which are about 200 inhabited. Traveling to Stockholm for a second time gave me so much pleasure. It is really a city you can visit more than once and still get a kick out of it. Just wandering over the many bridges from one island to the next is fun. I mean, where else can you do that? In any case, here is what I learned in Stockholm. Yours, Pollybert

1.) People appear to leave the office right on time. It’s amazing how many people are on the streets come 4pm.

2.) The Swedes have a lot of unisex toilets. And most restaurants have only one bathroom for all their customers.

3.) In regards to restaurants and bars, self-service appears to be the preferred method.

4.) Also, most places are cash free. They want your card and nothing else. This was already before the pandemic.

a cash free society @Stockholm

5.) You find toothpicks in the bathrooms, probably to use them there.This is definitely better than what we sometimes see in other places.

6.) Even bus drivers wear seat belts.

7.) A jug of water comes right away when you sit down. I love this custom of the north.

9.) It’s not allowed to buy alcohol at the airport when you fly within the EU.

10.) Sweden is the land land of giants. I think everyone was towering over me.

11.) Upon ordering a glass of wine you get an almost pitcher-sized glass and it therefore costs accordingly.

I had already half of the wine, that’s why I look so happy at Stureplan 1 @Stockholm

12.) Bring an umbrella already for a trip September. We had rain every day. So much of it that I bought two books while waiting for it to stop.

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