Finally the ban has been lifted and we can meet again in larger groups for dinner. I am happy that the weather as well works in our favor so that we can dine al fresco. Because this is what we all want: to see our friends and help the economy. To this end we met at Corbaci, which serves Austrian food but also some dishes with oriental influence. Corbaci restaurant has by far the nicest ceiling in all of Vienna, so I just want to show you this even though we sat outside.

dining room @Corbaci

The oriental food shows right away with the starter, which was lentil soup. It came with a wedge of lemon, which magnified the flavor.

lentil soup @Corbaci

On this evening I was actually in the mood for something light, but then ordered the fish & chips. I mean when this is on the menu and a foodie friend tells you that the dish is great here. Then resistance is futile. And the fish was perfect. Nicely fried without being greasy, flaky inside and still juicy. It came with a couple of hand-cut wedges, chervil mayonnaise, and pickled shallots. The sauce was so good, I needed a refill.

fish & chips @Corbaci

The daily special was spinach dumplings in goat cheese sauce. And my friend was raving about. So this must have been pretty special as well. Especially with the grilled cherry tomatoes. The acidity surely cut nicely through the richness of the sauce.

spinach dumplings in goat cheese sauce @Corbaci

The vegan potato goulash was another hit. Well seasoned and some home-made chips on top for a nice crunch. Kind of unexpected but for sure a great addition.

potato goulash @Corbaci

And finally someone ordered another oriental dish, falafel with fennel salad. The falafels had a really nice form and they were definitely made on site. The store bought ones have a slight greenish tinge from parsley and these ones were red inside. Also each one had a different form. And the fennel salad was the biggest hit for her. Fennel is clearly a shirked vegetable. I mean who eats that in Austria except people who can cook. Because this is not a vegetable you find on your menu easily. Therefore it was so much more appreciated.

falafel with fennel salad @Corbaci

Overall Corbaci surprised. All dishes tasted wonderful and the atmosphere outside was totally comfortable. The waitresses kept the busy terrace happy and the people were chill. I quite like that no cars are passing by and that the buildings around house museums and the design forum. Shutout going inside, you feel like a part of it. Yours. Pollybert

1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Tel: +43 664 73630036
Mon-Sat: 11:00-24:00, Sun: 11:00-23:00

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