The Score (Off-Campus Book 3) by Elle Kennedy: It might be only me but I got the impression that book #3 is way steamier than the others. Or maybe I just enjoyed reading about the ‘man-slut’ Dean and his conquest Allie. I still love the Campus premise or rather the house the four guys share. Also getting updates on how the first two couples are faring keeps me invested in these roommates. This series definitely keeps me entertained and I can’t wait to read book #4.


The Goal (Off-Campus Book 4) by Elle Kennedy: It’s the last one in the series and it kept me up at night to finish it. Although it is a tad unrealistic. Not the choices that get made but the outcome. What I loved was the long epilogue which get me updated on all my favorite characters in the books. And while the series finished the author included a note that she is writing a sub-series on the same premise. So I do hope there will be more fun ahead. Meanwhile I have to take a break and read something else.


Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid: Wow, what a book. When Emira, the black nanny of a white family, finds herself in the center of a racial incident, it’s only the start of a roller coaster ride. I loved the characters and could even relate to Alix’s, the white mommy, heartbreak over that one guy from the past. Until everything starts to unravel and Alix’s behavior gets downright weird. Definitely not relatable in the end, but so good. Kept me up at night, this book is a real page turner.


Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens: The first 20 pages I wasn’t sure why this book had such good reviews and then I couldn’t stop reading anymore. What an amazing story but how horrible to read about the fate of Kya. She fends for herself from an early age without the support of a community. The ‘Marsh Girl’ prevails though and makes a life against all odds. Excellent book which kept me up at night!


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