Vienna – from the Michaelerplatz to St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The lock down of Austria and the accompanying empty streets is already so long ago that the second wave is basically just around the corner. That time of emptiness and eerie calm probably won’t come back though. So these pictures from a time of absolute uncertainty are like a historic document.

I met with my friend in the Volksgarten, where we sat next to the Theseus temple and gossiped for while. That was such a change of reality from what was going on the weeks before. It was a heady feeling to meet someone outdoors. Keeping our distance we slowly made our way into the city. When you arrive on the Michaelerplatz from the Volksgarten side, the first thing you see is a fountain which is a part of the Hofburg.

fountain detail @Hofburg

The Hofburg is really an impressive imperial building and great to look at from all side. Here is a closer look at the back side of it from the Michaelerplatz.

Hofburg from the back side @Vienna

The Michaelerplatz takes its name from the church across from the imperial palace. It is more than 700 years old and has a fascinating burial vault. The climate down there mummifies the bodies rather than decomposes them. I also like how this church is part of the block and not free standing.

Michaelerkirche @Vienna

We got a beer at Julius Meinl am Graben and slowly walked along the Graben. This usually busy pedestrian zone was almost empty and devoid of life. Suddenly I was not people watching but appreciating the buildings. Definitely a new perspective.

Graben @Vienna

Once we walked all the way to the end of the Graben, we stood in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This is the heart of Vienna and always impressive. Especially with just a few people around. Vienna really is always worth a visit. Even if you live here. Yours, Pollybert

St. Stephen’s Cathedral @Vienna


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