Sophienspital – Pop-Up

Summer brings out the best in everyone and the city of Vienna suddenly boasts a lot of new Pop-Up concepts. There is a silver lining to everything, even a pandemic. At the grounds of the former Sophienspital camp a mobile bar and some food trucks. Until the hospital becomes an apartment complex the area open to everyone. Despite being close to one of the busiest streets in Vienna, the garden feels quiet and  peaceful. That might also be, because not a lot of people join us for drinks on this Thursday afternoon.

Pop-Up Sophienspital @Vienna

yellow umbrellas create a sunny atmosphere @Vienna

There is only one food truck open while we are here and anyway it’s too early to eat something. And also too hot. But the food looks good when a neighboring table get its something served. I honestly think the serving was done out of boredom because nothing much happened that afternoon. But they do appear to expect more customers if I take a look at the available tables. It does look friendly and inviting.

food truck @Sophienspital Pop-Up

dining area @Sophienspital Pop-Up

So instead we opt for drinks. The bar has some interesting ‘Spritzer’ combinations and go for one with grapefruit. The drink is lovely and just the right refreshment for a warm afternoon. They do of course also offer beer as you can see from the sun chairs.

grapefruit spritzer @Sophienspital Pop-Up

Best of all, this weekend the Liquid Market, the festival for all barflies and those who want to become one, opens its doors at the Sophienspital Pop-Up. There is after all this pandemic still going on. So from August 6-8, 2020 Liquid Market will have 35 bar stalls on the hospital grounds. Tickets are available here.

But there is no need to wait for the bar festival, just head on over and enjoy a drink in relaxed surroundings. Yours, Pollybert

Sophienspital Pop-up
1070 Wien, Appollogasse 19

lots of natural shade @Sophienspital Pop-up

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