Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore: The idea to live a life out of order is quite intriguing. It must be a shock to turn 19 but wake up in the body of a 53 year old woman. But on the other hand it also means that you can have a young body with more experience. No more thinking that youth is wasted on the young. Not that I ever thought that while still young. So for seven years we follow Oona through her life in random order and it does make sense in the end. Quick read!


Über Meereshöhe by Francesca Melandri: Two people meet on the way to a prison island where they visit relatives. Paolo and Louisa have nothing in common except this visit. When they have to stay over night on the island, it changes the life of a guard and also has an impact on theirs. The writing was plain but poetic in its simplicity. The two characters have a depth which astonishes me. I could feel their pain through the pages and the pleasure they draw from each other. Great book!


Me by Elton John: Who doesn’t know the music of Elton John? But with his way to stardom I was not really familiar. I got a slight introduction when I watched ‘Rocketman‘, however the book gives you a deep insight in his life. And Elton John doesn’t hold back. There is everything from the music process, to his drug use, and his love life. Most of all it is a fun book to read though and it has several lol moments. I just love good gossip!


Daughters of the Winter Queen by Nancy Goldstone: What an impressive writing style. To make a non-fiction book come over as novel, really is a brilliant feat. Also the topic is super interesting. I only ever read about the other, Bonnie Prince Charles and the Jacobites, but never we how the German ended up in the English throne. This book ties that hole in my English history up neatly. Will look for other books from Nancy Goldstone.


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