Breakfast at Sperling im Augarten

Breakfast on Saturday is already a tradition. As well as trying to choose a new spot. Since it is summer a breakfast in the park sounded wonderful. Sperling im Augarten fits the profile completely. The Augarten is a large park with more than 52 hectars and two flak towers from the WWII. Besides that this Baroque garden holds also the Augarten porcelain museum, the Austrian film archive, a Jewish campus, the Viennese Choir boys, and so on. In the same building as the porcelain museum Sperling found its home.

Sperling im Augarten @Vienna

We got a table outside on this beautiful morning and ordered our breakfast. Options are limited and not really exciting. But they do have all the classics like scrambled eggs, fried eggs etc. as well as open-faced sandwiches. My friend ordered the sandwich with tomato pesto, two fried eggs, and bacon. I was more into the vegan option with hummus, avocado, and sprouts. The make it bit more interesting I ordered a fried egg with it. The waiter told me that the they only had hard or soft boiled eggs available. Really? And in this tone the breakfast went on.

coffee @Sperling im Augarten

I am not really sure what the waiter’s problem was, but nothing worked. His mask set persistently all breakfast long underneath his nose, her never got back to me about the fried egg and then served a soft boiled one, and the coffee came with food. Since he got the food order wrong, the coffee came first after all. But how he can mix up the food order when the terrace was still half empty, I don’t know. Service at Sperling im Augarten is not their forte.

The sandwiches though were tasty. My friend grumbled a bit about his sandwich being on the dry side. But on the other hand what do expect when you have tomato pesto underneath your eggs. That combination was not enticing from the start. He did like it though, even if he was grumbling.

sandwich with tomato pesto, fried eggs, and bacon @Sperling im Augarten

My breakfast was on the delicious side. It finally worked out with the fried egg and this gave the whole combination the perfect kick. I would have wished for a bit more hummus though. Generous is something else. Without the egg it would probably have been a disappointment.

vegan sandwich with extra egg @Sperling im Augarten

Overall the bad service with its lack of respect for the correct wearing of the mask, and the inflexibility regarding the fried egg made for a forgettable experience. The park is wonderful, but when I need a drink I will go to some other place. Yours, Pollybert

breakfast @Sperling im Augarten

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