The flowers of Milos

I haven’t posted anything with flowers in forever. That’s probably because I haven’t been on vacation in forever. Okay, so maybe it was this year while I was in Malaysia. But isn’t it great nonetheless that I ‘braved’ the pandemic and flew to Greece. A Greek island in summer is not so different from late spring or early fall. Still, it’s a different season, so let’s see if the flowers reflect that. Yours, Pollybert

the whole thing looked like a bush @Milos

this one looked special @Milos

pink bougainvillea belongs to Greece @Milos

also the white bougainvillea looks pretty spectacular @Milos

these flowers are light blue in color @Milos

everything looks dry around, but these flowers endure @Milos

no idea what that it is, but it looks like a flower @Milos

Let me know what you think

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