A day trip to Kimolos

Milos, as well as the Cycladic region, is famed for its wind Meltemi. Okay, maybe not so much famous for it, but the islands have a lot of wind. So if you want to go to the island of Kimolos, try to do so at the beginning of your vacation. Just in case the wind sets in and you can’t cross over anymore. The ferry to Kimolos leaves from Pollonia a couple of times per day, and takes about 20 minutes. You can look up the schedule at the port and get your ticket on the ferry. Also important is the bus plan for Kimolos which hangs right next to the ferry schedule.

arriving on Kimolos @Greece

When I arrived on the island I decided not to wait for the bus but rather go for a quick coffee and orange juice at the harbor restaurant. The bus came and went and I enjoyed sipping juice. The main village of Kimolos is not far and I reached it easily on foot. You can either follow the road or a steeper street on the side, in any case you can’t miss it.

walking up to the main village @Kimolos

The houses and flowers along the way don’t really prepare you for the beauty on top. I walked around taking lots of pictures of the village, only the Kastro was a bit disappointing. Maybe it looks better in the evening fully illuminated.

within the double entrance of the Kastro @Kimolos

on the way to the Kastro @Kimolos

colorful houses @Kimolos

Kimolos fascinated me. There were a couple of open book exchange places. I saw at least three different ones while on the island. Like this ‘hanging book tree’ for example.

book exchange @Kimolos

Then there was free wifi all around the island. Not just in the village on top, but also later at the beach. This is done in cooperation with the European Union, quite fascinating all in all.

free wifi around the island @Kimolos

Or the ashtrays that were hanging around the village. They look absolutely disgusting. Not sure what it says on them, but apparently it works.

ashtray in the village @Kimolos

After strolling around for a while and a quick bite to eat, I got the next bus to one of the beaches. Since there are many on the island I let fate decide or rather the bus schedule. In the end I was off to Prassa beach on the northeast side of the island.

This white sandy beach with turquoise water has a a sun lounger/umbrella area which includes rather loud music from the nearby bar. But there is also some natural shade further along without the said music if you prefer it quieter. Since I was there on a Sunday it was rather busy in the early afternoon. The beach is so attractive that it also lured some boats to it.

umbrella area of Prassa beach @Kimolos

Prassa beach @Kimolos

boats near Prassa beach @Kimolos

I took the last bus back to the harbor and had a beer while waiting for the ferry. If the mood strikes you there is a later one at night, so you can still go for dinner in the upper village.

Personally I think it’s must also be fun to stay on the island for a couple of nights and discover the many beaches here. Yours, Pollybert

leaving Kimolos @Greece

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