Why Milos is perfect for a week of vacation

Getting to Milos from Vienna is actually not so difficult. You can either fly to another Cyclades island like Santorini or Mykonos, or to Athens. Either way you have to take the ferry. There is a small airport on the island though, I am just not sure what airline is going there. I flew to Athens and then traveled on with the ferry, which was a three hour trip. Not too bad overall, even in a pandemic.

Milos is one of many Cyclades island and already my fourth or fifth time in the area. In recent years I went to Ios and Paros, with a short visit to Mykonos. All the islands are beautiful, and all of them are different. So you might think it makes sense to spend a week in the area, and check out as many islands as possible. I can only advise you against it. Giving each island time and exploring it in detail increases the impact of your vacation.

first impression @Milos

I had booked a room at Zoe Apartments in Pollonia and this was the beach right next to the house. Maybe not the sandy beach I expected, but good enough for this kind of sunset.

sunset in Pollonia @Milos

sunset in Pollonia @Milos

Honestly, that was so corny. But I just loved it even though I was on Milos on my own.

The island of course has a lot more to offer than beautiful sunsets, although this is already half of the fun. There are a lot of sandy beaches, one of the reasons I love the Cyclades islands so much. Despite visiting a few other beaches, I really like my ‘home beach’ in Pollonia. The beach has a lot of natural shade, few tourists, and no restaurants with music.

the sandy beach of Pollonia @Milos

Milos offers as well a lot of sightseeing material like catacombs, small white towns which look exactly as you imagine Greece to be, and a neolithic settlement.

the capitol Plaka @Milos

archaeological site of Fylakopi @Milos

Best of all is the sea though. This endless blue which is reflected in the white and blue colors on the houses. The blue is breathtaking and nothing says more ‘vacation’ than looking out onto the sea. Yours, Pollybert

endless blue sea @Milos

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