The food of Milos and where to go

I love Greek food. Especially when in Greece. Unfortunately it’s just not as good once you are back home. Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way. But it’s the truth. I am not sure why that is though? But it must have something to do with the taste of the vegetables and the sea. There is always a hint of salt in the air. In any case, while I was on Milos I promise you that I did my best to sample as much as possible with no regards to how I look in my bikini. All of these restaurants and taverns are in Pollonia except when I expressly mention it.

While waiting for my room I stopped at Rifaki for coffee and juice. But sitting there and enjoying the sea view I felt a little peckish and decided to get the island salad. The first time I had a salad with potatoes in Greece. It was very tasty though.

island salad with potatoes from Rifaki @Milos

Dinner that first evening was a home game, because I just went to Rakomelo across the street. The sunset from the terrace is just fabulous, so good then that the food is great as well. I started dinner with a Greek salad and later had grilled sardines.

Greek salad from Rakomelo @Milos

grilled sardines from Rakomelo @Milos

My favorite restaurant by far was Enalion restaurant. They only have a small section next to the beach and I only got a place there on my final evening on the island. But the food was so good that I came back three times no matter where I sat..

house wine and view on the sea somewhere in the back @Enalion restaurant

garden tomatoes with cheese and marinated anchovies @Enalion restaurant

steamed mussels with lemon leaves @Enalion restaurant

raw sea urchins @Enalion restaurant

seafood saganaki @Enalion restaurant

almost raw shrimps @Enalion restaurant

grilled squid @Enalion restaurant

After might sightseeing tour, which included the catacombs, I stopped at Methismeni Politia in Trypiti. Even though it was the only restaurant in the area, the food was fabulous. I ordered stuffed wine leaves which came with creamy tzatziki and octopus salad. The octopus was to die far. Still slight warm and so tender. The whole thing was perfect.

stuffed wine leaves with tzatziki @Methismeni Politia

great octopus salad @Methismeni Politia

But let’s not forget breakfast which was always Greek coffee and fresh orange juice with either yogurt and honey or yogurt and fruits. I mostly had breakfast at Anezina, but once while I waited for the bus, I had a great breakfast at the Egoist Café in Adamas. In any case it was the perfect start for a day on the beach. Yours, Pollybert

full Greek breakfast @Anezina

yogurt with honey and nuts @Egoist Café

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