The doors of Milos

What fascinated me the most on Milos were the brightly colored doors. Not everything is in white and blue. Doors have all the colors you imagine. Okay, maybe not pink. I don’t remember seeing that one. But everything else was there. Most doors are sturdy wooden ones. Some with intricate knockers. Others are a combination of wood and grill. And there are flowers everywhere so that you have a nice contrast between the doors, the white walls and the colors of the flowers. Yours, Pollybert

double door, same color @Kimolos

side by side in different colors @Kimolos

isn’t that yellow an amazing color @Kimolos

check out the mermaid in front of the door @Milos

interesting garden door variety @Milos

doors, window frames and stairs are all in the same blue @Milos


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