The beaches of Milos (definitely not a complete list)

Thinking about Greece makes me think about the sea, and sun, and the beach. This is what Greece stands for. It has an endless number of beaches on every island as well as on the main land. Milos is no exception to this. So here are the beaches I discovered or at least noticed.

To the left of Fylakopi is a large cliff area. Of course I had to go and explore it, but the fun part was that on my way back to the street I noticed that there is also a beach below. A handful people trickled into this place with towels. I am not sure exactly where the the way down was, but I saw people swimming below and there was no boat. So there must be a way. If you want to explore it, just wait for someone to lead the way.

the beach below Fylakopi @Milos

Another beach I never made it to but saw from above is Firopotamos beach. You need a car to get there and I was way to lazy to rent one since there are enough beaches on the bus line. But it does look amazing from above with crystal clear water and in a deep turquoise.

Firopotamos beach @Milos

I did one more trip from Pollonia and this was to the beach of Firiplaka to the south of the island. Firiplaka has natural thermal water. The subterranean springs feed into the sea. It says that you can see them when you snorkel. It was enough for me though to smell them from time to time. The beach itself is large, with a couple of restaurants and three umbrella sections. An umbrella is necessary since Firiplaka offers no natural shade.

the last meters of Firiplaka beach @Milos

The whole area consists actually of  three beaches and the bus brings you directly to the middle one, which is Firiplaka. The one further east, Tsigrado Beach, can be reached by climbing over a couple of rocks (was too lazy to do that) and the one to the west can be accessed through a restaurant. I think that’s the nudist beach.

Overall though I was more than happy with my home beach, the sandy beach in Pollonia. It is of course smaller compared to some others, but way quieter as well. Added benefit to staying in Pollonia is that you have lots of natural shade and don’t need to rent a lounger. The sand is soft and the beach is clean. The village provides showers and changing areas.

Pollonia beach @Milos

In the end it doesn’t really matter which beach you choose. All of them are perfect to relax. Yours, Pollybert

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