Breakfast at Ma Belle Bistro & Bar

Saturday is breakfast time. So last weekend I booked a table at the newly opened Ma Bell Bistro. The restaurant moved into the former space of Stilbruch, a breakfast place I loved. So there were big shoes to fill. But I am happy to report that the breakfast was tasty.

We got a table outside and while the terrace was empty at 9am, it filled up pretty quickly. You probably need to make a reservation here.

terrace @Ma Belle

As usual when there are Eggs Benedict on the menu, this is what I go for. Interestingly enough, Ma Bell Bistro only offers Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royal or rather oeuf benedict and royal. The Florentine version got lost somewhere. The menu also has a couple of combos and sweet breakfast dishes like pain perdu (French toast). Overall there is enough to chose from to make me happy.

This time I went for the oeuf royal. I am not really sure why I decided against the ham, but the smoked salmon beckoned me. The only thing I changed was the truffle cream. Who wants that in his breakfast dish? Truffle is such an overwhelming flavor which can ruin a dish completely. And I was right about it, after tasting the cream on the oeuf benedict which my friend got.

eggs Beendict and Royal @Ma Belle

The oeuf Royal tasted great. The sauce Hollandaise is home-made and at least 3 slices of salmon topped the toasted brioche. With the amount of sauce and the liquid yolk I didn’t miss the cream. Without that the it might have been dry. But great ratio on the whole dish. Doesn’t it look absolutely enticing?

oeuf royal @Ma Belle

The oeuf Benedict were constructed after the same principle with ham instead of salmon and the afore mentioned truffle cream. My friend’s only complaint was the cold ham. But cold in the sense that the ham had not been roasted. Which it shouldn’t be with eggs Benedict. But to each its own.

oeuf Benedict @Ma Belle

All in all the breakfast was great. The eggs were tasty and the service friendly. Why it says oeuf Benedict in the menu instead of oeufs Benedict, when there are clearly two eggs on the brioche is beyond me though. But I am happy with the two eggs and the error only in the menu. The other way around would have been harder to accept. Anyway, I definitely want to go back to Ma Belle Bistro and try one of the sweet dishes for breakfast. Yours, Pollybert

Ma Belle Bistro & Bar
1060 Wien, Gumpendorferstraße 16
Tel: +43 1 9667992
Mon-Fri: 08:00-22:00, Sat: 09:00-01:00, Sun: 10:00-22:00

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