Das deutsche Krokodil by Ijoma Mangold: After finishing this autobiography I am not sure what to think. Mangold is the son of a German mother and a Nigerian father. with his father absent for all of his formative years, he is definitely the result of his upbringing, a German through and through. Which gives him and the reader some interesting insights. Is he more German than the Germans? I liked the questions the book raised, but the book itself very long to read. These long-winded sentences were killing me.


The Queen (The Selection 0.4) by Kiera Cass: This short novella is a prequel to ‘The Selection’. It tells the story of the first selection which happened 20 years prior to the series. The protagonists then were the current king and queen. Not sure if their story has any impact on the series but it was interesting to read that they also met at a selection. In any case, it’s a super quick reading experience, so you loose no time, no matter if you like it or not.


The Prince (The Selection 0.5) by Kiera Cass: There was even less of a story in this novella than in the one about the queen. On the other hand it give a little insight in how the prince feels about the selection process. What I like best about the series is that it reads very quickly. Not mentally challenging but something that you can read after a long day at work, skipping a bit and not missing anything. Perfect when you need to relax your mind.


The Elite (The Selection 2.0) by Kiera Cass: Unfortunately the series doesn’t get any more interesting but I am still committed to finishing it. Which is a waste of time in a way, but I do love to complete things. So there are six girls in the selection process. And America still grapples with her feelings for Maxon and Aspen. The love triangle continues and as do the attacks from the rebels. Since the next book is called ‘The One’ I hope she finally makes up her mind.


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