Breakfast at Zimmerservice

When we arrive at 9am the place is empty and also stays that way for at least another 30 minutes. I am not really sure why Zimmerservice is not more popular in the morning, because the restaurant has an appealing living room charm. Also Zimmerservice offers all day breakfast. So maybe people know there is no hurry.

dining room @Zimmerservice

I ordered an in olive oil poached egg with potato cream and spinach, with extra crispy bacon in the side while my friend got the All-in-one sourdough sandwich. This comes with a fried egg, bacon, ham, cheddar, cream of peas, salad, cucumber, tomatoes, and lime mayonnaise. While we wait the strong flavor of bacon wafts through the restaurant despite the entrance door being open. Not sure how this open kitchen concept works when this place is full.

coffee and juice @Zimmerservice

So while we are alone in the restaurant for the first 20 minutes or so, we still had a long wait for our food. Coffee at least comes quick and ties us over until the food arrives. At first glance the poached egg with the potato cream is let-down. There is a bit too much oil on the potato cream form my taste. But this is not the problem in the end, and neither the lack of salt. What is an issue is the warmth of the dish, or rather the lack thereof. While not hot to begin with, the plate is cold to the touch. And as you can see the potato cream is all over the plate, so imagine the effect. Interestingly enough the bacon was super crispy but tasteless. So weird.

poached egg with potato cream @Zimmerservice

The sandwich on the other hand looks super tasty and colorful. The cream of peas pops right at you. It’s difficult to eat though with the toasted bread, no hand eating here. Also my friend says it only taste of vegetables. Very interesting observation, which corresponds with my impression that the bacon was tasteless. So while it looks yummy, it was not so great.

All in one sandwich @Zimmerservice

And so for the first time in forever I ordered a French toast, to get some satisfaction out of this breakfast. “Bellboy’s Favorite” is a croissant in form of a French toast with sugar and cinnamon. Unfortunately it’s only bland. There is really not much else to say about this toast. It lacks anything remarkable. The lonely strawberry on top didn’t help either. Any kind of sauce or syrup would have improved this dish.

French toast @Zimmerservice

I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant. One does feel like in a living room with service and according to the name, this is what they are going for. Unfortunately breakfast wasn’t so great, if not to say just boring. And then there was the smell. Because maybe bacon aroma is nice in the morning, but how does that work when you have a lunch crowd? I will give Zimmerservice some time and maybe try it again at a later point. Yours, Pollybert

1080 Wien, Strozzigasse 25
Tel: +43 660 8117908
Tue-Sat: 09:00-23:00, Sun: 09:00-15:00

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