How to spend an afternoon while driving through Czechia

Instead of just driving through Czechia and only stopping for a toilet break, we decided to make the best out of it. The plan was to go from Vienna to Auschwitz but with some fun in between. When you take your time to peruse the map and an accompanying guide book, you will notice that Czechia has a lot on offer along the road.

Our first stop was in Mikulov which is home to a very large castle. Already the way up to it gives the impression that Mikulov gets a lot of tourists. Not so on this day. The town was full of locals and stalls selling burčák (Sturm = an alcoholic drink between grape juice and wine). I would have loved to stop for a drink, because there is nothing better in fall. But with burčák it never stops at one glass. So you better don’t start with it, if you don’t have the time.

We walked through the old town instead and headed for the castle. In the car we had decided to only walk around the castle grounds and not visit to interior. According to my guide book the exhibition inside was not exciting and we rather wanted to get going. So a tour around the castle grounds it was. But I really think this might be a worthwhile trip for another day.

the old town of Mikoluv @Czechia

Mikulov Castle @Czechia

Mikulov Castle garden with St. Sebastian Chapel on the Holy Hill in the background @Czechia

After refueling with coffee and cake we headed to Kroměříž, another town in Czechia on our way to Poland. Kroměříž has a beautiful Baroque castle and garden which are both listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We managed a walk around the main square which is absolutely fantastic and look inside the castle grounds. The garden is a bit away, but within walking distance, but we were pressed for time. So forwent the garden, which I am sure is worth the time normally, and just stretched our legs.

the main square of Kromeriz @Czechia

the church tower of the Baroque castle @Kromeriz

in the court yard of the Baroque Palace @Kromeriz

I loved that we had the time to get out of the car and make a little sightseeing. Both cities though are wonderful in their own right. They deserve that you spend more time which includes a castle respectively a palace visit. Driving through Czechia made me realize that this country has so much more to offer than Prague. Once this whole mess is over and traveling gets easier again, I will try to find my way back there. Yours, Pollybert

beautiful houses in Kromeriz @Czechia

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