Taking a good look around Košice

We left Poland on a high note after our rafting trip on the Dunajec. Next up on our road trip was Slovakia, which was also the last country on our trip. Since the river Dunajec kind of makes up the border already, crossing into Slovakia is not a big deal. Going to Košice on the other had took a while.

We arrived early in the evening and checked into Penzion Villa Regia, which is in a historical building right in the old town. In the morning a small market takes up place in front of it.

morning market in front of the Penzion Villa Regia @Kosice

Košice is the largest town in Eastern Slovakia and the second largest town overall in the country. The old town of Košice really deserves its name. The historical center is well-preserved and has elements from the medieval period. The St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral goes back to the 13th century and is the largest church in Slovakia. See how imposing the church looks in the evening sun!

St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral @Košice

And even more so the next morning from the side. This really is a huge church!

St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral from the side @Košice

The church is as amazing from the inside as is the view from the top.

inside St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral @Košice

from the tower of St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral @Košice

The park on the picture above is around the ‘Singing Fountain’ and in the back of it is the theater. The fountain has the water jets dancing to music and during the night a light show display. Since the surroundings are a all a large pedestrian zone, sitting next to the singing fountain is a singular experience. There is no noise from the traffic so that you can really hear the music.

singing fountain and theater @Košice

I really loved strolling around the old town, which consists of one very long and wide boulevard. It’s actually to both sides of the theater and starts at St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral. There is not a lot of traffic, most of it a pedestrian zone. The tram doesn’t work anymore and bicycles have taken over the city.

the right side of the boulevard @Košice

the left side of the boulevard @Košice

Even though we only spent an evening and a morning in Košice it was enough to make me fall in love with the city. The old town has an overall great feel to it with its many terraces and relaxed atmosphere. I especially enjoyed the large pedestrian zone and the many wonderful old buildings. If a bit more time on my hand, I would love to stay longer and explore the city further. As well as everything east of Košice in Slovakia. Yours, Pollybert

Jakab’s Palace, a former residence of the Czechoslovakian president Beneš @Košice

crafts lane @Košice

Art Noveau building @Košice

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