Restaurant Schubert – permanently closed

Restaurant Schubert has an interesting location. It is right next to one of the few remaining parts (Mölkerbastei) of the former wall around Vienna. There has been a restaurant at that location since forever, and I never made it in here. But now, that someone new has taken over, I was all for trying it. The kitchen has changed from typical Viennese fare to some kind of Italian fusion food. I am not really sure how to categorize it, but sometimes that’s not necessary.

Restaurant Schubert has a big advantage in these turbulent times. The restaurant has a couple of dinning rooms. When I was there only two tables in our room were busy. The same was true for another room. Which is great news during a pandemic that the restaurants tries to space out its clients. It’s also tragic for the restaurant when you have the capacity but not more guests. As you can see it looks empty here.

dining room @Restaurant Schubert

The creamy pumpkin soup with its hidden pumpkin ravioli was a winner. Ordered twice, both diners were more than happy with the big bowl of warm soup.

creamy pumpkin soup @Restaurant Schubert

The main dishes were also crowd pleasers. There was pizza with a salad on the side and fregola. Fregola sarda is a round noodle which you can prepare like risotto. In this case the restaurant managed one vegan version and a regular one. Both dishes got great remarks from the everyone.

pizza Margarita with extra olives and a salad on the side @Restaurant Schubert

fregola with mushrooms @Restaurant Schubert

On this evening I was not out for comfort food and ordered something different. I got the char tartar with root vegetables endive salad, lime mayonnaise, and roasted hazelnuts. The dish was awesome, fresh, light, and with the perfect summer feeling although it was cold and wet outside. Very much a taste explosion on my palate.

char tartar with root vegetables and lime mayonnaise @Restaurant Schubert

My overall impression was very good from Restaurant Schubert. The team of waiters were really attentive and dealt well enough with six women and their special wishes. Also the wine menu held enough Prosecco to keep us happy. And the food was great. Really a restaurant which I want to get to know better. Yours, Pollybert


Restaurant Schubert
1010 Wien, Schreyvogelgasse 4
Tel: +43 1 5331997
Mon-Fri: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-23:00

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