The doors of Czechia, Poland, and Slovakia

Here are the doors from our road trip across three countries. Currently it seems almost unreal that only three months ago I was traveling and borders were open. But times will get better and we will travel again. I am very sure about this. So, these amazing doors below come from three different countries. There is no real distinction between them, and I don’t think you could tell where each country begins or ends. What matters most though is that these doors are beautiful. The intricate details in the iron grille or the wooden portals which all have a stately look. So please enjoy. Yours, Pollybert

a door from the castle of Mikulov @Czechia


the cobbled street is uneven @Krakow

this looks like a stately portal @Krakow

the front portal of St. Mary’s Basilica @Krakow

lots of heads on the door of the St. Mary’s Basilica @Krakow

why is the crook only on one side of the portal @Krakow


a richly decorated portal with a wooden door @Krakow

and iron grille door leading into a courtyard @Krakow

door with the decorative plants on either side @Košice

looking through the fence on the door @Košice

an iron door inside the St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral @Košice

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