What I ate in Venice and where

Who doesn’t love Italian food? I guess one could believe that every restaurant in Venice serves just amazing dishes since you can’t go wrong here. But sadly no. No, that’s not the reality. I remember during last visit, I managed to go to a place which served boring and mediocre food. So one would be wise to check ahead where to go for dinner.

But let’s start with breakfast. You won’t find any recommendations here. Because breakfast is best eaten somewhere along the way. Just flit into one of the many bakeries, coffee shops, or pastry shops, grab a coffee and choose a brioche. Enjoy it while standing at the bar. The time to linger is later, over a glass of wine with your lunch for example.

Or at dinner as I have done at Alla Vedova. It came recommend and I ordered the highly praised polpette (meatball). One would have been enough for myself. They are quite big.

polpetti @All Vedova

As a main dish I got the spaghetti alle vongole and while they were amazing, I had the sauce all over my shirt. Alla Vedova is a popular restaurant, so you need a reservation or come early.

The next day I decided on a copious lunch at Ristorante San Silvestro. I guess it was the menu which inspired me to order a starter and a main dish. The seafood salad with artichokes was delicious and artichokes to die for. Not sure why Italians just prepare them better.

seafood salad with artichokes @Ristorante San Silvestro

For the main course I wanted to try something new and got the bigoli (a bit thicker than spaghetti) with onions and anchovies. I have never heard of bigoli before and the sauce combination was also new to me. Seeing the plate in front of me, I was less impressed since the color was a bit off-putting. On the other hand, this was to be expected. Overall not a bad dish, at least way better than it looks and also something I can do at home when there is nothing else at hand. The restaurant though is definitely a place I can recommend. Very good service and everything was cooked perfectly.

bigoli with onions and anchovies @Ristorante San Silvestro

I had a lovely snack while writing postcards in Cannaregio. Sitting somewhere along a canal (Rio dell Misericordia), drinking Aperol spritz, this little bar called Ae Brioce was the perfect spot to rest. I started with first one, then another Aperol spritz, and only after did I venture inside to order some cicchetti. What a lovely place!

Aperol spritz and cicchetti @Ae Bricoe in Venice

My last meal in Venice happened at Osteria Alla Frasca also in Cannaregio. After walking around for a while and not seeing any bar or restaurant, the sight of this osteria was very welcome.  Especially since there was an empty table outside. The walk had made me hungry again so I ordered burrata with prosciutto.

burrata with prosciutto @Osteria Alla Frasca in Venice

And for dessert I got the most amazing panna cotta with black salt on the side. Honestly, this combination was to die for. Never thought that this could work. But after the first bite, I sprinkled salt on every spoon.

panna cotta with black salt @Osteria Alla Frasca in Venice

Just looking at all these pictures makes my mouth water. I miss dining out, no matter where. In the end though I know there will be traveling again, and Venice is definitely on my must-visit-again list when it comes to food. There is still much to discover. Yours, Pollybert

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