More impressions of Venice

Venice seems like a life time ago, even though it was only last September. These pictures make me realize how much I miss traveling and what a beautiful city Venice is. Devoid of tourists, great weather, and open restaurants. It’s the simple pleasures these pictures convey. And it’s also this cheer which is currently missing. Maybe not so much the lack of tourists, which is ongoing everywhere all over Europe. But the nice weather and the open restaurants and shops are sorely missed.

Let’s look on the bright side though, because there is just no other way to get through it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And this is not the vaccine, since it might take forever, but summer is definitely coming this year. And then we can once again meet outside and be merry. Until then, let’s enjoy Venice. Yours, Pollybert

Rialto bridge in the morning @Venice

Torre dell’Orologio @Venice

early morning in Santa Croce @Venice

the lion above the entrance to the Doge’s Palace @Venice

and here the lion in a painting within the Doge’s Palace @Venice

a door knob in the Doge’s Palace @Venice

Canal Grande as seen from the Rialto bridge @Venice

Just recently I watched the series ‘The Real War of Thrones‘ and one episode was about the religious war in France which culminated in the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre and eventually with a protestant on French throne. Of course Henry of Navarre had to convert, otherwise he would not have been accepted by the French nobles, but at least he started the Bourbon dynasty. It didn’t say why and how his armor came to the Doge’s Palace but I found it very intriguing nonetheless.

the armor of Henry IV of Navarre @Venice

looking down from the tower of San Giorgio @Venice

all is quiet in the canal @Venice

underneath the arcade of the Doge’s Palace @Venice

very oriental windows and door on the right house, but what is this dome in the yellow house @Venice

the Piazza San Marco in the evening @Venice

a Gondoliere with guests @Venice

meeting friends by chance is wonderful @Venice

cheers with Aperol spritz @Venice



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