Morning walks in Vienna during lockdown

For the last couple of weeks I am meeting my friend to walk through Vienna. Actually it feels more like months because that’s how long restaurants and coffee houses have already been closed. We meet on a weekday early in the morning, drinking tea and coffee while we walk. We talk about everything, including the never ending lockdown. But mostly we are happy to see each other in person.

Since our route always takes us from the Rathaus (City Hall) to Karlsplatz the picture motives are limited. We do try to change the route weekly so that we see various things. But in the end the city of Vienna has its limits. Nonetheless she does look differently each time, which has of course more to do with the weather. Anyway, here is my best of Vienna from my weekly morning walks. Yours, Pollybert

The Vienna City Hall shows its best side in the morning sunlight with the Covid Rules in front. OIDA, a typical Viennese expression never to be used in front of the police (which otherwise will cost you 100,- EUR), means here

O – Obstond hoitn – keep you distance

I – Immer d‘Händ‘ woschn – always wash you hand

D – Daham bleiben – stay at home

A – A Masken aufsetzn – mask up

It’s not necessary to learn these phrases because none of the Viennese I know, speaks that way.

City Hall @Vienna

Once you cross the Vienna Ring Road you can enter the Volksgarten through this amazing gate.

the gate into the Volksgarten @Vienna

Walk inside, a bit further to the right, and then turn around. The roses are already bundled up for winter and the Burgtheater is in the back.

roses in winter and the Burgtheater @Vienna

Come early enough and you will catch Mr. Lee teaching Tai Chi in front of the Theseus Temple.

Theseus Temple @Vienna

Also earlier in the season the roses are still free from the canvas bags and some are even in bloom. I love the fall mood here with the mist, which makes for such a different atmosphere.

Volksgarten in fall @Vienna

Crossing over to the Heldenplatz the equestrian statue of Archduke Karl, who supposedly was the winner of the battle of Aspern against Napoleon. Why the emperor then had to hand over his daughter Marie Louise after this ‘victory’ is another question.

equestrian statue of Archduke Karl @Vienna

I much prefer the sunny fall days when the sun illuminates everything and also provides a great backdrop to my pictures.

looking out to the Vienna Ring Road and the Natural history museum @Vienna

along the fence into the Burggarten @Vienna

Take your time in the Burggarten to appreciate the details. Like the cherubs on the balustrade on the back side of the Hofburg. Here they are with a view on the Palmenhaus.

cherubs in the Burggarten @Vienna

Sometimes we forgo the parks though and walk right through the city. We then leave the Volksgarten behind us and pass the Minoritenkirche. A Viennese landmark from the 13th century I have never set foot in.

Minoritenkirche @Vienna

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