A winter walk in Vienna – from Kahlenbergdörfl to Leopoldsberg

Since this pandemic still holds the world in its thrall, traveling is out of the question. Or at least it should be. So I am looking for things to do closer to home, like meeting friends for long(ish) walks on weekends. Our first such walk took us to Kahlenbergerdorf where we parked the car and started up the Nasenweg. This walk is part of the Stadtwanderweg 1a, which in total is about 11km. Way too much for us, so we decided on a tour from the village to the top of the hill (Leopoldsberg) and back again. The extent of our walk can be found here.

start of Stadwanderweg 1a @Vienna

The Nasenweg or nose trek got its name from the steep rise aka ‘the nose’ of the Leopoldsberg. We were motivated to a quick ascent by the speedy climb of the parents of one of the participants. Since said parents are in the elderly department, we felt the necessity to get going. But honestly it was hopeless. First of all, I am totally unwilling to go trekking at home and therefore not in the mood to rush. And secondly, due to the wintry conditions, the track was very slippery.

still easy going at the bottom of the track @Vienna

slippery steps up the ‘nose track’ @Vienna

a look at the surrounding vineyards @Vienna

Apparently this was still the easy part becasue the incline increased. But also the cloud cover opened up for a bit and there was a bit of blue sky all of a sudden. Looking down on the Danube though, it was all grey.

blue sky on the next incline @Vienna

the Danube and the Viennese skyline is completely grey @Vienna

instead of traveling it’s now trekking @Vienna

When we finally made it to the view point, looking down on Vienna was all worth it. We still had not reached the top, but we had overcome the first big incline.

the Danube, the city, and the vineyards @Vienna

But finally we mad to Leopoldsberg, only to learn that of course the castle stays closed during the pandemic. No matter though, it felt like a big achievement because the way up was super steep.

last incline up to the Leopoldsberg @Vienna

that’s the only picture of the castle I have @Vienna

On top we passed the three Ukrainian Cossacks who helped defeat the Turks in front of Vienna in 1683. As you can see, Vienna never forgets such support. Probably, because without them and the Polish people under King Sobieski, Europe would look completely different today.

the Cossack monument @Vienna

A bit further up ahead we turned near the sledge hill. Despite the cold weather and inhospitable surroundings, there were enough people having fun. Too bad that the restaurant on top was closed, sledging so much better with hot chocolate after.

sledge hill @Vienna

Despite taking a different track for our walk down, it was still an adventure. Icy, and slippery, and no handrails, proved to be my downfall and somewhere along the way I landed on my back. Happy to report though that nothing happened. But it was a slippery slope even with my trekking boots.

a slippery slope @Vienna

Eventually we made it onto a cleared and paved track with the pink church of Kahlenbergerdorf ahead. It was a welcome sight and easy going from then on. Yours, Pollybert

Kahlenbergerdorf in sight @Vienna

easy going from here on @Vienna


  1. long(ish) walk – lol 😉

    • It was longish. At least the way up. And actually also the way down. Probably that one even longer due to the slippery slope

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