A winter walk in Vienna – Schwarzenbergpark

Walking in Vienna is now my new pastime. So far only with friends, but I am also planning some tours on my own. Our latest walk brought us to the Schwarzenbergpark, which is on the outskirts of Vienna. The park, also known as Dornbacher Park or Neuwaldegger Schlosspark, was the first English landscape garden of Austria. This means that the park resembles nature, or so. Not really sure if that makes sense, because wouldn’t I go walking in nature if I prefer it. Otherwise we are in a city, so maybe it does make sense. Anyway, I will stop rambling now.

It was the perfect example of a winter day in Vienna, grey and cold. With a slight precipitation which makes the felt temperature just a tad more miserable. Nevertheless we started walking along a wide trodden path in the Schwarzenbergpark.

walking into the Schwarzenbergpark @Vienna

Just looking at this picture now makes me realize how much I love my friends that I keep on going during perfect couch weather. A bit further ahead you suddenly walk between two obelisks. No idea, what obelisks are doing in Vienna. But it does look nice.

two obelisks flank the path @Schwarzenbergpark

The left of these two obelisks has the Kyselak in black capital letters written at the base. Joseph Kyselak was one of the first graffiti artists or better a tagger. In the early 19th century he traveled through the Austrian Hungarian Empire and left his tag everywhere. For his name he used a template and never engraved anything. Which means that the tag at Schwarzenbergpark is likely a fake.

the tag of Kyselak @Schwarzenbergpark

The Schwarzenbergpark is part of the Vienna city walk number 3. So if you are in the mood you can walk for a couple of hours. We were not so inclined and happy enough with the park. There is much to learn while on a walk. Like this statue, called Ares Ludovisi, which is in fact a copy of a Mars sculpture from the 2nd century.

a sculpture of Mars @Schwarzenbergpark

Even though it was cold enough for the nearby pond to freeze (or stay frozen), we stopped and did what we came for. Which was to toast our birthday girl.

frozen pond @Schwarzenbergpark

birthday celebration in Covid times @Schwarzenbergpark

The park itself is big enough for a longish walk to stretch your legs. For us it was enough to meet and get an outdoor feeling. In times like these one has to look for diversion wherever possible. An inn ‘Zur Allee‘ within the park is open and offers hot drinks to go. Yours, Pollybert


  1. What a cool picture of us “girls” – following the distance rules 😎🥂

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