A winter walk in Vienna – Nussdorf (Nußdorf)

My winter walks are getting more and more popular. The last walk for this winter, which included also hot drinks, happened on a Sunday afternoon. We met in Nussdorf, on the outskirts of Vienna. This idyllic area of the 19th district joined into the city a bit over 100 years ago. Numerous nut trees and bushes give this area its name. What I like best about Nussdorf are the surrounding vineyards. It’s like Grinzing, just without the many tourists. Not that we have any of them at the moment.

Pollybert and friends @Vienna

The tour we did is part of the Stadtwanderweg 1 (city walk no. 1), but of course we didn’t follow the whole track.

Stadtwanderweg 1 @Nussdorf

The point was to meet friends outdoors and get some exercise. But let’s not over overdo it. After leaving the tram station, a playground, and the last houses behind us, we walked between the vineyards with a lovely view on the Kahlenberg. In case you don’t know, the Kahlenberg is the Viennese house hill (I really can’t call it a mountain) from which you have a lovely view on Vienna.

walking between vineyards @Vienna

view on the Kahlenberg @Vienna

But you don’t need to go all the way up to the Kahlenberg for a great view over Vienna. Eventually the track forks out and we took a left instead of a right to the top.

the track up to the Kahlenberg @Vienna

It’s enough to walk for a bit along the route until you come to one lonely park bench. There we stopped for drinks while looking onto the rest of the city. So you see, no need for exertion. Yours, Pollybert

the city from higher up @Vienna

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