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Lunch is still the highlight of my workday. Except now we either get takeout to eat in the office, or if the weather permits, we eat on the street. Real street food in Vienna, who would have though this a possibility just a year ago. Until then it was the burger chains or the typical Viennese Würstelstand (sausage stand). So the increase of interesting street food is definitely a positive side effect of the pandemic. On this wonderful cold winter day we got something from Miznon.

Even though this restaurant has now been in the city for years, it’s still very popular. No wonder, the food is delicious even if it got somewhat pricey. Which is especially noticeable now with the limited menu and the missing indoor dining extras. Never mind though, it’s a change from going to the supermarket and cooking for oneself.

Miznon @Vienna

We each got a pita, one with chicken aka ‘Sac the Coq’ and one with lamb aka ‘Falda’. The lamb was my choice because honestly the description alone was mouthwatering: ‘a juicy piece of lamb, dancing in herbs and lemons’. Who doesn’t want to eat that? It was really, really tasty and the herbs and the lemon are such a fine combination. Also the pita bread itself is perfection.

The lamb though was a bit on the tough side. It got freshly grilled for my pita and I wished it had had some time in the oven. The lamb was cut in strips, but even so I couldn’t really bite them off. The texture was just too firm. Not really sure if I would order that particular pita again.

Falda aka lamb pita @Miznon

I heard no complaints from my colleague about the other pita. The chicken hid underneath two different kinds of sauces and lots of salad. So this one was a definite winner.

‘Sac the Coq’ @Miznon

It was also difficult to eat. While I had no traces of my meal anywhere, she had to laundry her coat after the meal. And all that despite sitting down. So consider yourself warned.

The pitas are not snack material money wise. Except for one, all of them are over the magic lunch number of 10,- EUR. Nonetheless it was a lovely excursion into the city and it was a tasty meal! Yours, Pollybert

1010 Wien, Schulerstraße 4
Tel: +43/1 5121053
Tue-Sat: 12:00-20:00

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