A weekend in Bad Goisern

The Salzkammergut is a unique region in Austria. It’s lovely to go there from time to time and explore the small villages and nearby lakes. The whole area has a very distinct look and one can see why it was always a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Bad Goisern was first mentioned in the 13th century, but there seems to be nothing left from this time. There are some neat houses though which give this spa town (hence the name Bad aka bath) a very nice appearance.

a typical villa @Bad Goisern

little house with flower boxes @Bad Goisern

beautiful closed balcony @Bad Goisern

walking along the main street @Bad Goisern

The village church seems a bit lopsided but I assure it’s the fault of my photo skills. This church has nothing in common with the leaning tower of Pisa.

the ‘leaning’ church @Bad Goisern

Nearby is the Hallstätter See which beckons you to walk right in and cool off on a warm summer day. There was no one in the lake though when we walked along the shore.

the lake is right here @Hallstätter See

Hallstätter See @Salzkammergut

Or you can just sit a long its shore and look out over the water and the mountains all around. Make sure then that you face in the right direction.

Pollybert in front of the Hallstätter See @Bad Goisern

In the end though we took the boat to set over the Hallstätter See to Hallstatt. But more about this later. Yours, Pollybert

ready to take the boat @Bad Goisern

PS: This weekend happened a while ago as you can easily guess by the many people in the pictures. But maybe the best time to go is now, when there are no tourists around.

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