Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito: A school shooting leaves several people dead. The suspects are Sebastian and Maja. But only Maja is still alive and now stands for trial. What happened to make two young people pick up a gun and shoot their friends? The story of these two, the neglect of their parents, and the consequences others have to bear makes for a compelling story. It also reminds not to believe everything in the newspapers, nor what we believe to remember. The mind is a fickle thing. Great book which I picked up while in Stockholm.


Ransom by Julie Garwood: Even though I finished ‘The Ransom’ in a long evening session on the couch, was a bit disappointed. ‘The Secret’ was enchanting and made me realize again why years ago I loved romance novels so much. This one felt a bit rushed in the end. The story was always about three lairds and then the last one gets his love story on two pages? Also the main characters, Brodick and Gillian, have a couple of questions still open. I did like the link to Book 1 though and some kind of epilogue for Judith and Ian.


Shadow Music by Julie Garwood: As usual with a trilogy the last book is the weakest. Which is kind of disappointing because Juli Garwood has written some fine romance novels. At least the trilogy has come to an end and I can move on to different shores. But to be honest, reading a romance novel is quite exciting and there are so many well written ones out there. So I will definitely will return to this genre when I need a book to relax. After all, we all know how it ends.


The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: Nora Seeds decides to die and lands in the Midnight library. There all the lives she could have lead are available. So many regrets, so many choices. It makes you realize what you would do different if you could start over. But would your life be so much better? What else would be different. Because any decision you make, concerns not only yourself but everyone else who is involved. Excellent book, lots of food for thought, and keeps you thinking long after you finished the book.


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