Because of Miss Bridgerton: A Bridgerton Prequel (Rokesbys Series Book 1) by Julia Quinn: The story is the same as usual: boy meets girl, they fight, they fall in love, they marry. Except that here they already know each other and don’t really like one another. But this is also a well-known scenario. It doesn’t matter, because the book very entertaining. Julia Quinn really knows how to write. The heroine is witty and the barbs went flying. I had several laugh-out-loud moments, can’t wait to read book number 2 in the series.


The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband: A Bridgerton Prequel (Rokesbys Series Book 2) by Julia Quinn: Julia Quinn is my new obsession. Maybe not new, but rather found again. Her style is really entertaining, so even though you know it’s a love story and that the main characters eventually recognize this as well; how they get there is truly entertaining. And that is exactly what I am craving in these turbulent and uncertain time. A little bit of predictability and happiness.


Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender: It must be difficult to question one’s identity. This is a problem I never came close to. Neither for myself nor with any of my friends. So I struggled in the beginning to relate to Felix and his identity thoughts. What’s wonderful about this book is the insight it provides for people like me, but also for everyone else who goes through something similar. Great set of secondary character and a good love story.


The Other Miss Bridgerton: A Bridgerton Prequel (Rokesbys Series Book 3) by Julia Quinn: Another winner in the romance department. Even though it took me a while to read it, eventually I finished the book on one go. The characters of Andrew and Poppy are thoroughly likeable and very clever in their use of quotations. I am definitely in the mood now to pick up a Shakespeare play and give it a go. Also Andrew is a proper dashing hero, which is exactly what I like in a historical romance.


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