A spring walk in Vienna – Stadtpark

Winter walks have given way to spring walks. Seasons come and go, but in Vienna we keep on walking. Never mind, it’s a great way to actually see one’s city with fresh eyes. So on a recent Saturday during strict lock down (all day curfew with only four reasons to leave the house) I was meeting a friend for coffee in the Stadtpark.

first impression @Stadtpark

in case you get lost @Stadtpark

This here is a recommendation of another Viennese gem. The park was opened in 1862, which, I am sure, saw some restructuring in between. No matter, it’s a lovely park where you can forget all your sorrows and even relax on a tree.

relaxing on a tree @Stadtpark

But of course tree climbing might only be for the young and the young-at-heart. On this particular morning I needed a coffee first and foremost. It was still early and a bit cold after all. How nice then that Espressomobil has one of its espresso trucks in the park.

coffee to go @Stadtpark

The park is divided by a small stream, but it has also a small lake. Quite a lot of water here. Since I have never, in all my years living in Vienna, seen anyone in the water, I assume it’s just for the birds.

the lake in the park @Stadtpark

Although I would have thought the bird bath was the small pool with the penguins.

penguins in Vienna @Stadpark

So while we kept on walking in circles there was a lot to discover. You get something to see around every corner. Like the Kursalon Hübner where we were able to party last summer.

Kursalon Hübner from the park side @Vienna

The park has such an ‘old-world’ charm, something all of Austria still lives on. Because this is what we sell the tourists. Despite Vienna being a modern and vibrant city, in some places it feels as if time stands still.

old lamp posts @Stadtpark

Johann Strauss, the king of the waltz, is also unforgotten in Vienna and of course revered. He gets his monument in the park as well as Franz Schubert, another composer. We Austrians really do know how to market our past.

Johann Strauss @Wien

Franz Schubert @Stadtpark

Walking along the small stream has a soothing feeling. The daily stress is far from this park and it lifts your spirits.

walking along the stream @Stadtpark

underneath the trees @Wien

What I like best though about walking in spring time are the blooming tree and bushes. A fresh scent wafts through the air and permeates everything. Also the bright colors of the flowers brighten up the still greyish tinge of the early spring days. What a difference to my winter walks. Yours, Pollybert

trees in bloom @Stadtpark

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