Hallstatt and the Hallstätter See

When you look at the Salzkammergut from above you will see many, many mountains. In between, in the many valleys, are a lot of blue dots. Each dot is a lake, and one of these lakes was the destination for this weekend. Bad Goisern lies next to the Hallstätter See, which is popular due to the Chinese copying the village of Hallstatt at its shore. Or maybe Hallstatt and its lake are popular in their own rights, because they are both immensely beautiful.

After exploring the market town of Bad Goisern it was time to take the boat and cross over to Hallstatt. The transfer is a short one and when the sun is shining it’s a real pleasure.

crossing over the Hallstätter See @Austria

arriving in Hallstatt @Austria

first impression @Hallstatt

Hallstatt is really remarkable village right on the shores of the Hallstätter See. One feels, if the mountain would shake a bit, that all the houses would topple into the lake. They are so close you can almost touch them when the boat comes in the harbor.

What I really wanted to do once I arrived was to head up, to have a really nice bird perspective (or as close as possible) on the lake and Hallstatt. Already the way up felt magical.

colorful houses @Hallstatt

lots of flower boxes in summer @Hallstatt

what’s there to see? @Hallstatt

Of course you can also take the funicular up to the Salzwelten and look down from the skywalk, but there was no time for that. One has to take ones pleasures where they are possible. And on that weekend, it was up on foot to soak in this view.

almost the end of the Hallstätter See @Hallstatt

the whole of Hallstatt down below @Austria

The village really beckons to linger, but we were on a schedule and it was time to leave again. Now though, since there are no tourists in the country, it’s the perfect time to visit. Can’t wait to cross over again. Yours, Pollybert

leaving Hallstatt @Austria

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