Forever Too Far (Rosemary Beach 3) by Abbi Glines: Can there be anything like too much of a happy ending? The whole trilogy is weird (plus there is a fourth book from Rush’s POV), the story so unrealistic that the dreams of a hormonal teenager will seem like documentary. Still, I kept reading it. Although I noticed that I read book 3 a lot slower than the first two. Maybe I should explore why I can’t stop reading books I obviously feel are a waste of time.


Majesty (American Royals II) by Katharine McGee: Interestingly enough book 2 turned out to be way better than expected. Maybe because it was surprisingly insightful in the love lives of teenagers, and that overall your friends count at least as much as a partner (if not more). But most importantly that you stand up for yourself. I enjoyed the first one, but the second was definitely a treat. So let’s wait if a third one comes along.


All Adults Here by Emma Straub: About halfway through the book I could identify with all the different characters. Their troubles and worries and all the stuff that’s happening. The Stricks are a big family and their problems are very familiar. I wondered though if a parent ever apologizes to a child. Like ever? Is that realistic? Because that is a very new concept to me and says probably a lot about my own family. Lovely book though.


I Heart Hawaii by Lindsey Kelk: The final book in the ‘I heart’ series, or at least I think I read that somewhere. And it makes sense to let Angela and Alex go. Because in the end the series was about the friendship between Angela and Jenny.  I love that chick lit is not only about love and finding your one and only. There is so much more to women than just this quest. Can’t say for sure if the author had this storyline in mind when she started, but I like the ending. Very fitting and pleasing to a long standing fan of the series.


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