American Royals by Katharine McGee: In a world where George Washington was the first American king, we now meet his relatives in the present. The current king has three children, Beatrice and the twins, Samantha and Jefferson. I really like that the story is told from four different perspectives, Beatrice, Samantha, Daphne, ex-girlfriend of Jefferson and Nina, best friend of Samantha and in love with Jefferson. The story is amusing and really quick to read. So good then that book 2 is already out there. I have a feeling that this will be another trilogy.


Fallen Too Far (Rosemary Beach 1) by Abbi Glines: I was never one for genres and that you shouldn’t read YA books because they cater to a different age group. But ‘Fallen too Far’ left me disappointed. There is no clear reason behind the actions of Blair, not even hormones make sense to me. These on the other hand clearly indicate what Rush is looking for. There are of course two books in the trilogy, so let’s get this over with.


Never Too Far (Rosemary Beach 2) by Abbi Glines: So book 2 turned out to be better than book 1. Which is very rare, but maybe the author started to feel more comfortable with her characters. There is of course a lot of stuff happening, which doesn’t really help with the character development but it gives the protagonists something to do. Overall though, it was pleasantly entertaining and I look forward to book 3 to finish the story of Blaire and Rush. I am sure more drama awaits.


The Land Beyond the Sea by Sharon K. Penman: This is the latest book (and probably the last) from my favorite historical fiction author ever. ‘The land beyond the sea’ deals with the situation in Jerusalem during the rule of the leper king. This is shortly before the third crusade. Timeline wise it’s before her Lionheart book, which I have decided to now re-read. So much research goes into her books, so please read not just the epilogue but also the author’s notes at the end. These people have died more than 800 years ago, and I was still absolutely devastated by what happened to them. That’s what a good book is all about.


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