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Sometimes you just don’t want to cook. But also not leave your home. In that case ‘Gini KOCHT’ is the perfect solution. The chef, Gini, comes to your home and cooks your meal. Whatever your heart desires. In my case, it was whatever my friend’s heart desired.

We started off with a small plate of ceviche from white fish with green asparagus. I finished that off in no time, because first of all it was super delicious. And secondly I was very hungry. Therefore I do not have a picture of the starter.

I do have a picture of the Tom Yam soup though, which I ate next. The spice level of the clear broth was great and it came with a butterflied shrimp on a lemongrass skewer. Usually I try to avoid eating food with my hands at a set dinner, so peeling the shell of the shrimp was not to my liking. The shrimp was grilled perfectly and still juicy. So overall a very nice dish.

Tom Yam soup with shrimp @Gini KOCHT

The main course was deer three-ways. As filet, breaded and fried, and as ragout. Served with new potatoes and white asparagus. The filet was sheer perfection. Dark pink, juicy and very tasty. I also enjoyed the breaded version. Never really have deer in such a way. Maybe that’s why the ragout was less interesting in the end. Which doesn’t mean that it was not great. There was just too much on my plate, so that I left some of the ragout.

deer three-ways @Gini KOCHT

Even though I couldn’t finish the main course, I ate all of the dessert. It makes me happy to be an adult who doesn’t need to finish the main dish before getting dessert. There is a silver lining for everything. The dessert was a slice of cheesecake and chocolate mousse. The cheesecake came in the American version, which didn’t change the fact that it was melt-in-your-mouth quality. Same goes for the mousse. Quite an ‘old’ dessert, haven’t seen that forever on anyone’s menu, but so lovely when done right. We got a perfect balance of rich dark chocolate blended with whipped cream. The scattered raspberries gave the dish the necessary acidity. A clear winner!

dessert variations @Gini KOCHT

I might not have been the host, but I clearly saw the appeal of a chef in your home. There is someone in the kitchen, who knows what she is doing and she cleans up the place. During dessert chef Gini left the apartment, leaving a spotless kitchen behind. What’s not to like? Yours, Pollybert

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Tel:+43 664 9478008

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